METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2015 - page 18-19

Annual Report 2015
Sustainability Platform
Human Resources
Human resources are a decisive factor for METKA
in attaining its business goals and strategic vision.
They are considered a driving force towards the op-
timal operation and sustainable development of the
company. In a rapidly evolving environment, with
economic, technological and cultural changes, MET-
KA invests in human capital on a continuous basis.
Great emphasis is given in the recruitment and re-
tention of competent professionals, by creating and
maintaining an optimal, secure and stable working
environment, providing competitive compensation
and benefit schemes and by offering equal training
and development opportunities.
Driven by the ongoing expansion of the company’s
international activities and the new projects under-
taken, METKA shows a steady increase in personnel
recruitment during the last years, aiming to keep
its high performance levels. The group now has ap-
proximately 1,000 employees worldwide and an ex-
quisite pool of talents with people of different back-
grounds and origins.
Increase of total employment.
Training investment per worker
€27,2 million
Workforce fees and benefits
Percentage of workforce that participated in
the appraisal procedure
Training man-hours
Accidents per 200.000 man-hours
(direct workforce).
Occupational diseases per 200.000
Accidents per 200.000 man-hours
(workforce of contractors - subcontractors).
Man-hours of training on Health and Safety
Health & Safety
In full compliance with the applicable National Leg-
islation and the relevant International Regulations
and Standards, METKA gives great emphasis to
Health and Safety issues and takes all the appropri-
ate measures required to ensure a healthy and safe
environment for its employees, as well as for its as-
sociates and for visitors to its facilities.
The Occupational Health and Safety Management
System applied by METKA has been certified since
2005, in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 Inter-
national Standard, and it is continuously improved
given the rapidly evolving needs of the company.
Moreover, the company invests systematically
in the implementation of modern, up-to-date
methods for identifying, assessing, preventing and
eliminating hazards, giving particular emphasis to
Workplace Health & Safety issues, aiming to achieve
outstanding performance and meet the target of
“ZERO ACCIDENTS for employees directly or indi-
rectly related to the company.
in the
of modern,
methods for
preventing and
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