METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2015 - page 4-5

Chairman’s Message
The year 2015 was one of the most difficult years so far
for the Greek economy, with
great challenges not only in Greece but also internationally. Nevertheless, METKA, having adapted
its development strategy to this new economic environment, continued on a steady course in mar-
kets abroad, strengthening its international orientation and broadening the scope of its business
Despite the adverse economic environment in Greece, as well as in the countries of the Middle East
and North Africa where METKA has significant activity in recent years, the company’s performance
recorded solid results in 2015. More specifically, in 2015 METKA posted a turnover of € 668,0 million,
against € 609,3 million in 2014, whereas the net earnings after taxes amounted to € 68,9 million
compared to last year’s € 90,3 million.
Pursuing its strategic goal to develop its activities in sub-Saharan Africa, METKA announced in 2015
its first substantial project in the region for the construction of a 250MW power plant in Ghana. This
project forms part of the Government of Ghana’s emergency plan to address the critical electricity
supply shortages in the country.
In parallel, the newly established subsidiary METKA EGN, which is active in the solar power sector on
a global level, signed contracts for engineering, procurement and construction of seven new power
generation plants utilizing photovoltaic technology.
The export performance of our industrial business in Volos also continues to make a significant
contribution, through the state-of-the-art facilities which enable exports of complex products with
high added value around the world.
The positive performance of the company is reflected in the financial results of 2015, which confirm
METKA’s resilience against the business and economic challenges of recent years.
Once again, the professionalism, expertise and commitment of METKA’s employees contributed
decisively to achieve excellent results in an environment of great uncertainty and volatility.
Ioannis Mytilineos
Chairman & Managing Director
Annual Report 2015
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