Human Resources
The key to METKA’s global competitiveness are its
employees, characterized by their professionalism,
high technical qualifications, integrity and strong
sense of collaboration. The company safeguards
equality, irrespective of nationality, gender or reli-
gion, with zero tolerance of discrimination.
In addition, METKA aims to recruit and retain em-
ployees with a strong blend of technical and per-
sonal skills and actively encourages team work –
both internally and externally - as a key feature of
the day-to-day business.
Furthermore, METKA’s continuous development
provides broad opportunities for the employees to
develop skills on major international projects and
to acquire valuable new experiences in various
fields of interest. The company strongly empha-
sizes continuous career path development, by con-
stantly providing new assignments opportunities.
Health & Safety
METKA is strongly committed to ensuring the
Health and Safety of its employees, external col-
laborators and of visitors to the company’s facili-
ties and sites, through full compliance with appli-
cable European and National regulations.
The Occupational Health & Safety Management
System of the company has been certified in ac-
cordance with the OHSAS 18001 International
Standard since 2005 and is subject to continu-
ous improvement, given METKA’s rapidly evolving
needs. METKA also invests in technologies, equip-
ment and practices that promote the prevention
and elimination of potential hazards at work.
The company has placed increasing emphasis on
Occupational Health & Safety, reflecting a desire
to move beyond good performance to excellent
achievement and to accelerate progress toward the
goal of “0” workplace injuries.
Our People
“ METKA invests in technologies, equipment
and practices that promote the prevention
and elimination of potential hazards at work”
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