ETKA is committed to Business Excellence
with a sense of responsibility towards so-
ciety, the environment and people, creat-
ing value for customers, business partners and
The continuing efforts of the group in this area
are demonstrated through the contribution to the
economic development of the local communities.
METKA also provides support locally where it op-
erates, whilst in several cases acts supportively
to areas that are neighboring to its construction
sites. METKA is receptive to local needs and un-
dertakes initiatives that enhance the social, ath-
letic and cultural aspects of its communities.
In regards to the environment, the Company’s
major commitment is to respect and abide by all
legal regulations and demands related to the en-
vironmental aspect of its operations.
The development of a comprehensive Environ-
mental Protection System, in accordance with the
international standard ISO 14001, is indicative of
the company’s recognition of its responsibilities
towards the human and natural environment.
In this context, the Company aims to continu-
ously improve its environmental performance, to
promote measures that reduce the environmen-
tal impact of its operations, as well as to ensure
compliance with the applicable European and na-
tional laws and respective regulations.
Within this framework, the Company organized,
for the third consecutive year, an Open Dialogue
Forum, at its industrial facilities in Volos, with
the participation of representatives of local gov-
ernment, business world, unions, customers and
partners, NGOs and journalists.
Corporate Social
“ METKA is committed to Business Excellence
with a sense of responsibility towards society,
the environment and people, creating value for
customers, business partners and shareholders”
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