Activity Sectors
METKA focuses mainly on the implementation
of gas fired power generation plants, based on
state-of-the-art combined cycle gas turbine
technology. Gas-fired combined cycle power
plants are preferred for their high efficiency
and relatively low environmental impact, in
comparison to conventional power plants.
With significant expertise in combined cycle
projects and with several configuration types in
its portfolio, METKA is able to respond to differ-
ent customer requirements, for a wide range of
complex configurations and generating capaci-
ties, with world-class performance.
In the power generation field, METKA has ex-
tensive references and a strong record of suc-
cessfully delivering major plant projects, often
on very demanding fast-track project sched-
ules, to support governments, local communi-
ties and industrial customers across several
METKA’s impressive track record in this sector in-
cludes high value-a dded construction works for
civil infrastructure and projects within the gen-
eral industrial and oil refining markets. METKA
also has considerable background in large scale
works for mining and industrial facilities.
In the civil infrastructure sector, METKA has
an impressive track record in high value-add-
ed steel construction, based on the company’s
state-of-the-art facilities and technical know-
how. In addition, the company is one of a small
number of companies classified in the highest
category of construction contractors for major
public works projects in Greece.
Several major construction projects have been
completed for industrial facilities such as ce-
ment and mineral processing plants. The Group
also has a strong presence for fabrication works
and installations within the refining and petro-
chemical industry.
“ The main focus of METKA’s EPC business is the
implementation of gas-fired power generation
plants, based on combined cycle gas turbine
n the energy sector, METKA undertakes large-scale power generation projects, providing the
complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services which are needed
to successfully deliver turn-key projects to its customers. METKA also operates facilities with
state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, having strong know-how on manufacturing mechanical
equipment and complex steel fabrications for the energy, infrastructure and defence sectors.
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