Our People
Human Resources
ΜΕΤΚΑ considers its human resources a decisive
factor in attaining its business goals and strategic
Great emphasis is given in the recruitment and re-
tention of competent professionals, by creating and
maintaining an optimal, secure and stable working
environment, providing competitive compensation
and benefit schemes and by offering equal training
and development opportunities. The main objective
is that METKA remains their first choice throughout
their professional career.
Driven by the ongoing expansion of the company’s
international activities, METKA shows a steady in-
crease in personnel recruitment the last years, aim-
ing to keep its high performance levels. The group
now has approximately 800 employees worldwide
and an exquisite pool of talents with people of dif-
ferent backgrounds and origins.
Workplace Health & Safety
In full compliance with the applicable National
Legislation and the relevant International Regula-
tions and Standards, METKA gives great emphasis
to Health and Safety issues and takes all the appro-
priate measures required to ensure a healthy and
safe environment for its employees, as well as for
its associates and for visitors to its facilities.
The company’s goal in the Health and Safety area
is to continuously improve its activities and perfor-
mance towards the “Zero Workplace Injuries” target.
To this end, a significant contribution comes from the
standing commitment of the company’s Manage-
ment, as this is expressed by the official company
policy on Health and Safety at the workplace.
To prevent potential work hazards, the Company pro-
motes the development of a corporate Health and
Safety Culture that encourages all members of per-
sonnel to behave responsibly, in order to ensure their
personal safety and the safety of those around them.
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