ETKA is a leading EPC (Engineering-
Procurement-Construction) contractor
and industrial manufacturing group, ac-
tive within the Energy, Infrastructure and Defence
Within the EPC business, METKA is strongly fo-
cused on serving the needs of international mar-
kets and is active in carrying out major power
plant projects throughout Europe, the Middle East
and Africa.
Building on over 50 years of experience, METKA
has a strong track-record of successfully execut-
ing major power plant projects, with strong em-
phasis on highly-efficient combined cycle gas tur-
bine technology.
Moreover, the company’s manufacturing opera-
tions serve numerous global customers and export
products around the world, while its industrial fa-
cilities, with several decades of experience in com-
plex, high value-added manufacturing, produce
equipment and components used in energy pro-
duction, heavy industry, infrastructure and defence
METKA has a solid financial position which ena-
bles the company to pursue its development strat-
egy and expand its business activities into impor-
tant new markets.
As a responsible corporate citizen, METKA is com-
mitted to play a positive role in the broader com-
munity, to promote human values and social
integration, as well as to follow environmentally re-
sponsible practices in all of its business operations.
METKA is a member of MYTILINEOS Group, the
leading independent energy producer in Greece
and a strong, competitive European Industrial
Group in the sectors of Energy, Metallurgy and
EPC Projects.
METKA has a strong track-record of successfully
executing major power plant projects
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