In the Energy sector, METKA is a leading interna-
tional EPC contractor of turn-key high efficiency
power plants.
The company has significant experience in gas tur-
bine based power generation, including combined
cycle, co-generation and simple cycle technology,
providing world-class solutions and optimal per-
formance. METKA has the resources, experience
and the necessary flexibility to meet customer’s
needs effectively and to actively support the devel-
opment of energy infrastructure in markets with
growing energy demands.
In the power generation field, METKA has exten-
sive references and a strong record of success-
fully delivering major plant projects, including fast-
track execution, bringing critically needed power to
growing markets.
The successful completion of a series of large-
scale projects in Pakistan, Romania, Turkey, Alge-
ria and Jordan, with a total capacity of 3.5 GW has
established METKA as a credible and internation-
ally acknowledged constructor of energy projects.
METKA’s impressive track record in this sector in-
cludes high value-added construction works for
civil infrastructure and projects within the general
industrial and oil refining markets. METKA also has
considerable background in large scale works for
mining and industrial facilities.
In the civil infrastructure sector, METKA has an
impressive track record in high value-added steel
construction, based on the company’s state-of-the-
art facilities and technical know-how.
Experience also includes the design, fabrication
and erection of mining equipment, as well as con-
veying systems for bulk materials such as lignite,
ash, and bauxite.
In addition, the company is one of a small number
of companies classified in the highest category of
construction contractors for major public works
projects in Greece, enabling METKA to carry out
major infrastructure projects in the domestic mar-
ket, in sectors such as transportation, etc.
Activity Sectors
n the energy sector, METKA undertakes large-scale power generation projects, pro-
viding the complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) ser-
vices which are needed to successfully deliver turn-key projects to its customers.
METKA also operates facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, having
strong know-how on manufacturing mechanical equipment and complex steel fabrica-
tions for the energy, infrastructure and defence sectors.
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