In the Energy sector, METKA is a leading
international EPC contractor of turn-key
high efficiency power plants.
METKA has significantly developed its capabil-
ity and participation in the Defence sector since
1999, through manufacturing co-production ar-
rangements with leading international defence
equipment suppliers.
As a result of significant investment in state-of-
the-art manufacturing technology, and continu-
ous development of the company’s specialized
personnel, METKA carries out cutting edge man-
ufacturing work, in line with the most demanding
standards of the Defence industry.
Within this field, the company carries out co-pro-
duction and manufacturing sub-contracts with
leading international defence equipment suppli-
ers and has particular experience in the areas of
land defence systems, as well as submarines.
Currently, the core manufacturing activities of
the company concern PATRIOT semi-trailers and
launcher mechanics, as well as LEOPARD 2HEL
METKA’s industrial facilities, with experience of
nearly half a century in complex, high value-add-
ed manufacturing, produce equipment and com-
ponents used for energy production, heavy indus-
try, infrastructure and defence applications.
METKA employs more than 400 persons at its
three main manufacturing operations in Central
Greece and the group’s manufacturing facilities
occupy a total area of over 21 hectares.
Due to the operational flexibility, state-of-the-
art equipment and ability to manage large-scale
manufacturing activities, METKA’s manufactur-
ing plant is one of the leading facilities of its kind
in Europe.
Furthermore, METKA has recently installed 2
photovoltaic (PV) plants at its manufacturing
plants with 3.5 MW total capacity.
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