Industrial facilities
with experience of nearly half a
century in complex, high value-
added manufacturing, produce
equipment and components used
for energy production, heavy
industry, infrastructure and defence
METKA employs more than
300 persons at its three main
Central Greece and the group’s
manufacturing facilities occupy a
total area of over 19 hectares.
Due to theoperational flexibility, state-
of-the-art equipment and ability to
manage large-scale manufacturing
activities, METKA’s manufacturing
plant is one of the leading facilities of
its kind in Europe.
Furthermore, in the effort to achieve
cost competitiveness of emerging
renewable technologies, METKA has
installed 2 photovoltaic (PV) plants at
its manufacturing plants with 3.5 MW
total capacity.
METKA undertakes large-scale power generation projects, providing
the complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction
(EPC) services which are needed to successfully deliver turn-key
projects to its customers.
METKA also operates facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and
equipment, having strong know-how on manufacturing mechanical
equipment and complex steel fabrications for the energy, infrastructure
and defence sectors.
In the Energy sector, METKA is a leading international EPC contractor
of turn-key power plants.
The company has significant experience in gas turbine based power
generation, including combined cycle, co-generation and simple cycle
METKA’s impressive track record in this sector includes high
value-added construction works for civil infrastructure and
industrial projects.
METKA is one of a small number of companies classified in the
highest category of construction contractors for public works
projects in Greece, enabling METKA to carry out the largest
infrastructure projects in the domestic market.
In the civil infrastructure sector, METKA has an impressive track
record based on the company’s state-of-the-art facilities and
technical know-how. The company also started a major railway
infrastructure project in the domestic market for ERGOSE.
METKA has significantly developed its capability and participation
in the Defence
sector since 1999, through manufacturing co-
production arrangements with leading international defence
equipment suppliers.
As a result of significant investment in state-of-the-art
manufacturing technology, and continuous development of the
company’s specialized personnel, METKA carries out cutting
edge manufacturing work, in line with the most demanding
standards of the defence industry.
Within this field, the company carries out co-production and
manufacturing sub-contracts with leading international defence
equipment suppliers and has particular experience in the areas of
land defence systems, as well as submarines.
Currently, the core manufacturing activities of the company
concern PATRIOT semi-trailers and launcher platforms, as well as
LEOPARD 2HEL Main Battle Tank Hulls & Turrets.
Annual Repor t 2014
METKA has the resources, experience and
the necessary flexibility to meet customer’s
needs effectively and to actively support
the development of energy infrastructure in
markets with growing energy demands.
In the power generation field, METKA has
extensive references and a strong record of
successfully delivering major plant projects,
including fast-track execution, bringing
critically needed power to growing markets.
Activity Sectors
METKA has the resources,
experience and the necessary flexibility
to meet customer’s needs effectively
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