METKA GROUP | ANNUAL REPORT 2014 - page 16-17

Corporate Social Responsibility
METKA is committed to the principle of sustainable development
and its business practices are entirely connected with the
concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
The continuing efforts of the group in this area are demonstrated
through the contribution to the economic development of
the local communities wherever it operates, by providing a
modern and safe work place for employees, and through our
commitment to protect the environment.
Support of Local Communities
METKA provides support locally where it operates, whilst in
several cases acts supportively to areas that are neighboring
to its construction sites. METKA is receptive to local needs
and undertakes initiatives that enhance the social, athletic and
cultural aspects of its communities.
Within this framework, the Company organized, for the fifth
consecutive year an Open Dialogue Forum, at the Company’s
main manufacturing plant in Volos, Central Greece, with an
active participation from representatives of local government,
unions, partners, NGOs and journalists.
Annual Repor t 2014
Sustainability Platform
Environmental Protection
ΜΕΤΚΑ believes that corporate growth
and excellence go hand-in-hand with the
protection of the natural environment.
Consequently, the company carries out its
business activities in a way that aims to
minimize as much as possible the impact
on the environment, such as by integrating
the principles of sustainable development
in its procedures and decisions, by
systematically monitoring the developments
in environmental technologies and
practices, as well as by applying the best
available techniques.
Therefore, by setting as strategic targets
the continuous effort for the protection of
the natural environment and the promotion
of consistency and transparency in
Corporate Social Responsibility issues,
METKA takes actions to improve its
environmental performance and to
decrease its Environmental Footprint,
applying environmental protection and
control policies which constitute the basis of
the integrated and effective Environmental
Management System that defines the daily
operations of METKA and its subsidiaries.
Based on the principles of Sustainable
Development, and being fully aware of the
global environmental challenges, such as
water shortage, decrease of the availability
of raw materials and Climate Change,
METKA is committed to the
principle of sustainable development
and its business practices are entirely
connected with the concept of
Corporate Social Responsibility
The use of recyclable materials, as much
as possible, as well as the elimination of
environmentally hazardous materials are
the main concerns for METKA, as an EPC
contractor, during the project design phase.
The company focuses on the implementation
of effective sorting-at-the source waste
management and recycling practices, as well
as on the application of measures towards
energy saving.
Also significant is the new action METKA has
undertaken towards the implementation and
application of a management system for the
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and
Reporting for its activities, according to the
requirements of the International Environment
Standard ISO 14064, aiming at recording and
monitoring its Carbon Footprint and taking the
appropriate measures for its mitigation.
The Management’s support and steady
commitment, as expressed through its official
Environmental Policy, and its sensitivity in
matters related to environmental protection,
constitute a guarantee for the achievement
of the targets set regarding the initiatives and
actions against Climate Change.
An integrated and
effective Environmental
Management System
defines the daily
operations of METKA
and its subsidiaries
METKA applies a continuously improved Environmental
Management System, according to the international
Standard ISO 14001, for which the company has been
certified since 2007. Furthermore, it assumes initiatives
in the form of direct and indirect systematic actions
related to Climate Change, proving its environmental
concern and awareness.
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