IN 2013
Implementation of the social
contribution programme "The
Future in Schools" of
ALUMINIUM S.A. , under which
50 brand-new PCs were do-
nated to cover the needs of 10
Primary Schools, 4 Lower Sec-
ondary Schools and 1 Upper
Secondary School in the local
communities where the Com-
pany is based.
Application of the ISO 14064
environmental standard in
METKA S.A., in order to iden-
tify the CO
emissions sources
in the Company’s activities .
Implementation by all Group
subsidiaries of a self-assess-
ment procedure regarding their
performance in Human Rights
protection and Anti-Corrup-
Development of the Group
“Suppliers and Business Part-
ners Code of Conduct”.
Implementation by all Group
subsidiaries, for the 4th con-
secutive year, of the Engage-
ment process with their Stake-
holders on sustainability is-
Establishment, for the 2nd
consecutive year, of the
Group’s Social and Environ-
mental Footprint, with the
participation of all Group sub-
Upgrading of the Group's
UNGC COP Differentiation
level from Active to Advanced.
Implementation of the external
assurance process and up-
grading of the Group's Sus-
tainability Report 2013 from
GRI-G3.1 Application Level B
to Application Level A+.
From 1960 to this day ALUMINIUM S.A. remains a strong pillar
of Greek industry, with an annual production capacity that exceeds
170,000 tons of aluminium and 810,000 tons of alumina. To-
gether, ALUMINIUM S.A. and its subsidiary DELPHI-DISTOMON
S.A. are today Europe’s largest vertically integrated alumina and
aluminium producer and a driving force for the growth of the Greek
economy and the development of the Greek periphery. The Com-
pany’s industrial complex in Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia, applies pro-
duction and commercial processes on a par with those of the
world’s top metallurgical industries. Its subsidiary DELPHI-
DISTOMON S.A. is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece
and in Europe, with an annual production of 650,000 tons. The
Company’s mining sites are located in the Amfissa region and em-
ploy some 100 people.
METKA S.A. is today Greece’s top EPC (Engineering-Procurement-
Construction) contractor, undertaking implementation of turn-
key projects from design and procurement through to con-
struction and commissioning. The Company specialises in the con-
struction of power plants and has achieved significant penetration
in developing markets abroad, with projects currently under way
in Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. It competes on
an equal footing with global EPC giants and has been established
as one of the strongest players in the market for EPC projects
in Europe and beyond, as well as one of the leading Greek ex-
porting companies. The Company has been listed on the
Athens Exchange since 1973 and its share is today a constituent
of the FTSE-ASE/25 Large Cap index. In parallel, its strong in-
dustrial production base allows it to manufacture custom me-
chanical parts and to have a strong presence as a specialist con-
tractor for Infrastructure and Defence projects. Finally, the 7th
Class Contractor’s Certificate obtained by METKA S.A. has ex-
panded the opportunities for its participation in a broad range
of public works in the Greek market.
PROTERGIA S.A. is the flagship company of MYTILINEOS Group
in the energy sector, bringing under the same roof the man-
agement of all energy assets and activities of the Group. The
energy portfolio under the Company’s management comprises
1200 MW from gas-fired thermal plants (CHP and High-Efficiency
CHP) and 54 MW from Renewable Energy Sources (RES),
mainly wind farms and photovoltaic parks, in full operation. The
Company’s strategic goals are to acquire and/or manage a dy-
namic and balanced portfolio of power generation assets (giv-
ing priority to thermal plants), which responds successfully to
the ever-changing landscape of the Greek energy market and
meets the requirements and targets of the EU’s energy policies;
to develop business activities in the domestic wholesale and re-
tail electricity markets; to participate in the CO
emissions trad-
ing market; and to expand in the future to the energy markets
of neighboring countries with growing demand.
IN 2013
Successful completion of the “MEL-
LON” competitiveness recovery
Cooperation with Swiss multina-
tional Glencore for the sale of a to-
tal quantity of 75,000 tons of
aluminium products in billets.
The Company obtained the license
for commercial operation of its
Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Turnover for 2013 rose to €606.5
million, up 10.8% from 2012.
METKA S.A. won its 5th major
project in Algeria, awarded to a
Consortium in which the Company
participates with a total budget of
€92.8 million.
METKA S.A. won its 2nd major
project in Iraq, awarded to a Con-
sortium in which the Company
participates, for a total budget of
$1,050 million.
The operation of all three thermal
power plants managed by the
Company during 2013. As a result,
the Group’s Energy Sector is on a
par with its other business activity
sectors and represents the third pil-
lar on which the Group’s prospects
for improved financial perform-
ance rely.
The Group holds 8.1% of the total
domestic production of electricity
and 3.36% of the domestic produc-
tion of electricity from natural gas.
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