t is with particular satisfaction and
pride that we welcome you to the
MYTILINEOS Group Sustainability Report
for 2013. In its pages, we have tried to
present a comprehensive picture of our
company, by drawing on a broad and di-
verse range of information about our Poli-
cies, Principles and Values, as well as
about the way in which we manage our
human capital and contribute to the ef-
forts to protect the environment and sup-
port society. In doing so, we illustrate
what we are: an organisation driven by
long-term vision and strategy and placing
the creation of value for the society in
which it operates at the very core of its ef-
Most of the 2,500 people who belong
to the large MYTILINEOS Group fam-
ily, together with all its Stakeholder
groups, i.e. the groups of individuals
and legal entities which influence the
Group and are affected by it, know
first-hand and recognise the huge in-
vestments that the Group has always
been carrying out an activity that con-
tinued unabated even during the eco-
nomic recession of the last years.
Although the six years from 2008 to
2013 were a period fraught with diffi-
culties, MYTILINEOS Group managed
not only to post consistently positive
results but also to proceed to new in-
vestments and business moves that
pave the way for a better future for the
Group itself while at the same time
helping the efforts to support the coun-
try and project a positive image of it
Thus, if we had to encapsulate in just a
couple of words the strategy of
MYTILIENOS Group, these words would
be “Socially Responsible Development”.
With investments in EPC projects, Energy
and Metallurgy, three production sectors
that are crucial to the country’s growth
and in which it is represented by its sub-
sidiaries METKA S.A., PROTERGIA S.A.
and ALUMINIUM S.A., respectively,
MYTILINEOS Group contributes to the ef-
forts to bolster Greece’s economic
growth and to create infrastructures for
the future.
It is precisely this strategy, our strategy
of socially responsible development,
which made it possible for us to continue
to grow, even during these last six years
of economic crisis, bringing to life our vi-
sion to create prospects and value, driv-
ing economic growth and social
development. For us, fulfilling this vision
is the only way forward and, at the same
time, a course which we have set our-
selves, never once straying from it in our
long history. In these difficult times for
our country and for our fellow citizens,
our need to assume an increasingly bigger
and important role as a social partner
grew stronger.
Thus, despite the suffocating conditions
in the economy, during 2013 the Group
continued to contribute to the Greek
economy and society, offering 2,500
jobs and generating a “social product”
with a value of €211 million, allocated
to taxes, salaries and investments – busi-
ness, social and environmental ones. Be-
sides, if one takes a look at the financial
results for the last five years, it becomes
clear that the growth rates of the
Group's turnover and of its Social Foot-
print have been evolving in parallel – and
this is far from accidental. The fact that
the Group’s aggregate social product
from 2009 to this day has exceeded €1
billion in spite of the domestic recession
is indicative of this.
As regards its corporate social responsi-
bility strategy, MYTILINEOS Group is
closely following international develop-
ments, which are leaving behind the iden-
tification of CSR with philanthropy and
are increasingly shifting to linking an or-
ganisation’s progress with the prosperity
of the society in which that organisation
operates. Thus, our activities in this area
have always been guided by our firm be-
lief in the view that all forms of entrepre-
neurship must be governed by the moral
principles and the values which guarantee
that an organisation’s alliance with Soci-
ety, with its People and with the Environ-
ment remains unbroken.
For yet another year, the Group’s corpo-
rate social responsibility activities in 2013
were founded on the pillars of the pro-
tection of the environment, the contribu-
tion to society and the adoption of the
Principles of Corporate Governance.
These were the pivotal points for all the
initiatives which we developed last year,
whether these addressed the Greek soci-
ety as a whole or the individual local
communities in which the activities of the
Group’s subsidiaries are based.
In the domain of the environment, where
the Group has invested more than €10
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