holder groups and in this Report we pres-
ent the results of the 4th cycle of the di-
alogue and collaboration events organised
with their participation, i.e. the way in which
we responded to their expectations during
2013 and the identification of their re-
quirements for the current year. The key
purpose of our Sustainability Report is to
provide all our key Stakeholder Groups (em-
ployees, shareholders, customers, suppli-
ers, government officials, the Press & Me-
dia, Non-Governmental Organisations and
local communities) with direct, reliable and
transparent information about our ef-
forts, performance and future commitments
concerning the integration of Corporate
Social Responsibility in our operations.
Sustainability context
In line with the Principle of the Sustain-
ability context, we focus on issues relat-
ed to our long-term strategy, which are
mentioned in detail in the presentation of
our Social and Environmental footprint, in-
cluding the actions required to develop the
positive and mitigate the negative im-
pacts of our business activity. The infor-
mation and data contained in our Report
demonstrate our intention to contribute to
sustainable development – both on the na-
tional and on the local level. We also pres-
ent our achievements in terms of attaining
the Environmental and Social targets
which we had set ourselves for 2013, to-
gether with the new short and medium-
term targets on the Group level and our
progress regarding the implementation
Corporate Governance and the gover-
nance of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Finally, in order to strengthen both the Sus-
tainability context and the Completeness
of our Report, we have included for the first
time the GRI G3.1 Mining and Metals Sec-
tor Supplement requirements, which cov-
er the Metallurgy & Mining Sector.
All significant actions and events covered
by the present Report for 2013 refer to all
environmental and social initiatives of
rate Centre) and of our three subsidiaries
in which it is the sole shareholder
(ALUMINIUM S.A. with its subsidiary
S.A.) or the majority shareholder (METKA
S.A.), with a primary geographical focus on
Greece, including the construction sites op-
erated through METKA S.A. abroad, in Al-
geria, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. The Re-
port addresses to data of all of the eco-
nomic, environmental and social materiality
subjects of the Group. These data are com-
plemented by corresponding information
on our key suppliers and business partners
in specific sections of the Report, such as
Health & Safety and Human Rights. Addi-
tionally, the coverage of the relevant issues
and of the corresponding indicators has
been determined while keeping in mind the
need for our Stakeholders to be able to
evaluate our performance without any
omission of data or information which
might influence their opinion or their de-
cisions in the framework of their relation
with our Group. The Report also disclos-
es, for the second consecutive year, our ag-
gregate Social and Environmental footprint,
together with specific data regarding our
performance in the economic, social and
environmental dimensions of our busi-
ness activity.
Finally, as with the Group’s previous Re-
ports, the Sustainability Report 2013 is
published in both Greek and English and is
also available in digital form over the In-
ternet from the Group’s website, so as to
help interested users who wish to make
comparisons with previous Reports or for-
ward their comments or suggestions.
Your views, comments or suggestions are
most welcome. You can make them using
our custom-designed online questionnaire,
which is electronically available from the
following address:
For more details, please contact:
Vivian Bouzali
Group Communication
5-7 Patroklou Street, 151 25 Maroussi
Health & Safety
Management of spills in the soil and in the water
Greenhouse Gas emissions
Employee Training and Satisfaction
Management of solid & liquid waste
Strategy & Business investments
Legal & regulatory compliance
Product Quality & Safety
Recruitment from local communities
Management of raw & other materials
Rehabilitation of the natural landscape
(a) Employee development (b) Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance
Promotion of equal opportunities
Actions to combat forced labour
Development and promotion of RES projects
Management of biodiversity
Support of local suppliers
Promotion of CSR across the supply chain
Social expenditures
Collaboration with NGOs
Actions to combat child labour
Management of energy consumption
Development of local communities
(a) Management of water consumption
(b) Dialogue with Stakeholders
Actions to combat corruption
Influence on Stakeholder decision-making
Significance of impacts for the Group’s business evolution
― The terms “Corporate Centre”, “Parent Company”, “MYTILINEOS Holdings” and the name “MYTILINEOS S.A.” refer to the company under the business name
― The terms “Company”, “Business” and the names “MYTILINEOS S.A.”, “ALUMINIUM S.A.”, “DELPHI-DISTOMON S.A.”, “METKA S.A.” and “PROTERGIA S.A.”
refer to each company that represents the respective business activity sector of the Group and to that company’s activities in Greece.
― The terms “Group” and “MYTILINEOS Group” refer to MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A. and to its subsidiaries, all of which together make up MYTILINEOS Group.
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