METKA EGN is a world-class EPC and O&M contractor for utility-scale solar power projects. Building on its
extensive experience of medium – large scale solar projects, the company is well positioned to meet the
challenges of the rapidly growing global solar market. With a strong in-house engineering capability, global
scope and unmatched responsiveness, METKA EGN designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its
clients world-wide.
METKA EGN is positioned
to meet the challenges
of the rapidly growing
global solar market
Total Solutions
METKA EGN is expert across the full range of solar pow-
er applications, ranging from stand-alone solar parks
to complex projects with integrated energy storage.
The decades of experience of the METKA group in the
thermal power sector, also makes us an ideal partner
for hybrid applications, which combine the advantages
of renewable energy sources with conventional power
generation. Within the domain of electrical infrastruc-
ture, we have significant experience and engineering
capability essential for the successful integration of so-
lar power to the grid.
Our Clients
METKA EGN is strongly focused on servingmajor clients
in the solar power sector, with a customer portfolio
which includes some of the leading renewables inves-
tors globally. We aim to develop long-term partnerships
with our clients, supporting their growth by consistently
delivering quality projects around the world.
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