METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2015 - page 16-17

Annual Report 2015
Sustainability Platform
Corporate Social Responsibility
METKA is committed to the principle of sustainable
development and its business practices are entirely
connected with the concept of Corporate Social Re-
The continuing efforts of the group in this area are
demonstrated through the contribution to the eco-
nomic development of the local communities wher-
ever it operates, by providing a modern and safe
work place for employees, and through our commit-
ment to protect the environment.
Environmental Protection
ΜΕΤΚΑ believes that corporate growth and excel-
lence go hand-in-hand with the protection of the
natural environment. Consequently, the company
carries out its business activities in a way that aims
to minimize as much as possible the impact on the
environment, such as by integrating the principles
of sustainable development in its procedures and
decisions, by systematically monitoring the develop-
ments in environmental technologies and practices,
as well as by applying the best available techniques.
Based on the principles of Sustainable Development,
and being fully aware of the global environmental
problems, such as water shortage, decrease of the
availability of raw materials and Climate Change,
METKA applies a continuously improved Environ-
Also importantly, METKA implements a manage-
ment system for the Greenhouse Gas Emissions In-
ventory and Reporting on its activities, according to
the requirements of the International Environmental
Standard ISO 14064. With this remarkable new ac-
tion, the company aims to record and monitor its
Carbon Footprint and to take the appropriate im-
provement measures.
The Management’s support and steady commit-
ment, as expressed through its official Environmen-
tal Policy, and its sensitivity in matters related to
environmental protection, constitute a guarantee
for the achievement of the targets set regarding the
initiatives and actions against Climate Change.
Support of Local Communities
METKA is an active citizen, supporting the regions
where it operates, while in several cases, it offers sup-
port to local communities bordering the worksites
of the projects it undertakes. The company not only
contributes to the development of local communi-
ties, but also aims at promoting their balanced and
multi-faceted development, consciously and actively
supporting their cultural, social and sports life. The
company listens to local needs and takes actions,
putting the accent on projects and initiatives that
create added value.
In this spirit, ΜΕΤΚΑ implemented, for the fifth con-
secutive year, the Social Dialogue procedure, through
electronic consultation on substantial viability issues,
with its Social Partners (Representatives of Local Au-
thorities, Business Organisations, unions, customers
and partners, as well as NGOs and journalists).
mental Management System, according to the in-
ternational Standard ISO 14001, for which the com-
pany has been certified since 2007. Furthermore, it
assumes initiatives in the form of direct and indirect
systematic actions related to Climate Change, prov-
ing its environmental concern and awareness.
The use of recyclable materials to the maximum ex-
tent possible and the non – use of materials that are
dangerous for the environment is a criterion taken
into account during the design phase of projects ex-
ecuted by METKA as EPC Contractor. Efficient waste
management with separation at source and with pri-
ority given to recycling, as well as implementation of
measures for energy saving.
€20,3 million
Total taxes to the Greek state
Support of 15
Business initiatives and conferences
Percentage of workers from local
Percentage of response to requests of Social
€273,8 thousand
Social expenditure
€91,6 million
Expenditure on Greek suppliers
Percentage of recycled materials used for the
implementation of company projects.
Percentage of solid waste recycling
Special energy consumption per ton of
wrought metal
Reduction of drinking water consumption
4,94 τ.
Special CO2eq emissions (Scope 1 & 2) per
ton of wrought metal
€151,6 thousand
Total environmental expenditure
is committed
to the principle
of sustainable
and its business
practices are
connected with
the concept
of Corporate
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and effective
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