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METKA’s impressive track record in this sector includes high value-added construction works for civil infrastructure and industrial projects. The company’s solid financial position, along with strategic partnerships with key international players, enable METKA to pursue its development strategy and expand further its business activities within the infrastructure sector. The company has gained the capability and capacity to undertake large-scale complex infrastructure projects, including railways, private concessions, and environmentally friendly waste management solutions, among others.

Furthermore, METKA is also classified in the highest category of construction contractors for major public works projects in Greece (including Electromechanical, Industrial, Energy, Civil Engineering, Road Construction, Marine Works, etc.).

Currently, we are executing the railway project Kiato-Rododafni, which is the extension of the Athens-Korinthos-Patras New Double High-Speed Railway Line, connecting the Greek capital to Patras, the third largest economic centre of the country.

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