METKA’s experience in the infrastructure field also includes the Marine Works for SAMSUN CCPP, in Turkey.

The scope of the works included:

  • Installation of three (3) intake GRP pipelines ND 2400, of 860m length each,
  • placed from the onshore area of the plant to a depth of –15m offshore.
  • Installation of 2 (two) discharge GRP pipelines ND 3200, of 610m length


  • each including their tapered diffusers.
  • Installation of three (3) intake structures each weighing 600tns, placed at a depth of -19m.

In the peak of the Works 21 vessels were operating in the Construction Site and in some cases 18 vessels were simultaneously operating in a “confined”700m long offshore area.

Recently, METKA has also been involved in the execution of the required Marine Works of Amandi CCPP 192 MW in Takoradi, Ghana.


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