We focus on the national and global goal of energy transition through the dynamic development of sustainability projects and the implementation of new technologies.

From energy efficiency programs to energy systems that minimize carbon fuel consumption, from combining energy and information technology into smart energy solutions and from introducing hydrogen and fuel cells into the new energy mix for power generation and transportation, we are already well positioned to make a significant headway in decarbonizing the energy system.



Furthermore, we are fully dedicated to the European Green Deal which provides a roadmap with actions to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy, as well as an official member of the Hydrogen Europe Alliance.


METKA identifies and develops customized solutions to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing hybrid and off-grid power markets. Combining the usage of traditional and renewable energy sources with energy storage systems, controlled and managed by intelligent power conversion technology, METKA delivers reliable power to individuals, communities and industries which are not supported by the grid or aim to minimize their dependency on carbon fuels, particularly diesel oil.
METKA designs and implements projects of the highest quality around the globe, using a vast network of global partnerships and local manufacturers/contractors, whilst offering a diversified portfolio of solutions, serving a wide range of customers and industries, such as: oil & gas remote power systems, isolated islands, telecom towers, off-grid communities, industrial facilities and/or residential units.


View our SES Business Unit Brochure online or download the pdf file.

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