Following the recent strategic transformation of METKA (former EPC Business Unit) into a new, modern and innovative Business Unit -  the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit, our aim is to focus on the national and global goal of energy transition through the dynamic development of sustainability projects and the implementation of new technologies, from energy efficiency programs to energy systems that minimize carbon fuel consumption, and from combining energy and information technology in smart energy solutions, to introducing hydrogen and fuel cells in the new energy mix for power generation and transportation.



To meet the increasing demand for renewable power generation responsibly, we have adapted our strategy to focus more on low-carbon electricity activities, particularly in regions where renewable energy represents a particularly appropriate and viable solution to growing energy demand and we are already well positioned to make a significant headway in decarbonizing the energy system. Keeping up with our new business model, we provide the full range of power solutions, from gas fired and renewable power generation to energy storage, whilst being fully committed to support the global target towards ‘’clean’’ energy.



View our SES Business Unit Brochure online or download the pdf file.

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