As the most efficient of the currently available thermal power generation technologies, gas turbine based combined cycle power plants are the technology of choice for flexible, utility scale power generation. Apart from the high efficiency compared to traditional steam boiler power plants, combined cycle plants offer significant advantages in terms of their relatively low environmental impact, high level of operational flexibility and shorter project implementation times.

METKA’s experience covers both single shaft and multi shaft configurations and a wide range of gas turbine models, supplied by the leading OEM’s (GE, Siemens, Alstom, Ansaldo), including both heavy duty industrial and aero-derivative types. A flexible approach is followed, enabling the most appropriate solution to be defined in each case for the plant’s intended operating mode.

METKA’s combined cycle solutions use well-established reference plant concepts as a basis for the design, with flexibility to meet client needs, as well as other local market and project specific requirements. We work closely with the power-train manufacturer so that proven product developments, and lessons learned from previous operating experience, can be built into the plant design. The latest technologies and operating philosophies are therefore available in such areas as:

  • Plant flexibility, such as start-up / shut-down times and cycling operations to enhance economic dispatch of the plant
  • Performance improvements, including techniques, such as natural gas pre-heating, inlet air chilling, part-load efficiency optimization
  • Emission controls, using the latest NOx reduction techniques

With experience of numerous combined cycle projects, and several different configuration types, METKA has the expertise to ensure that all plant components are properly selected, leading to a well-integrated plant design and reliable long-term plant operation.

3-D Modelling Tools

We apply sophisticated 3-D modeling tools to produce highly integrated, detailed plant designs. This improves design quality, and reduces construction time for your investment.

These tools also allow operations and maintenance aspects, such as equipment accessibility, to be considered during the design stage.


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