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METKA’s Experience in construction of Power Generation Plants

Building on its long standing industrial manufacturing and site construction activities in the power generation field, METKA has successfully developed its capabilities to become a leading international EPC contractor for specialized projects in the energy sector, mainly throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With remarkable experience and expertise in combined cycle projects and with several configuration types in its portfolio, METKA is able to respond to different customer requirements, for a wide range of complex configurations and generating capacities, with world-class performance.

With operational capacity being at the core of the company’s business model, METKA defines and implements the most appropriate solution for each plant’s intended operating mode. This may include, for instance, phased delivery of the plant, with open cycle operation of the gas turbines, followed by the completion of the combined cycle. In all cases, the company’s objective is to provide the optimal solution for the specific requirements and project needs.

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