The key objective in METKA and its subsidiaries is to create and maintain a safe and modern work environment, that helps achieve the “ZERO ACCIDENTS & ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES” target. The implementation of management practices aiming to identify, recognise and eliminate parameters and conditions which may lead to undesirable incidents, alongside with the systematic and continuous efforts to foster and promote a Health & Safety culture that encourages all personnel to act responsibly for their own personal safety and the safety of those around them, is a long-standing commitment of our daily operations.

The Health & Safety of our employees in all work places is our utmost priority and daily concern. We work constantly to achieve the only acceptable target of “ZERO ACCIDENTS & ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES”, which is a major challenge for the industry and construction sector.

The prevention of workplace injuries, especially in construction sites, is a key concern. Our goal is therefore to maintain a high health & safety performance, reflected in the values of the respective indicators across all our facilities, by implementing action plans and specific programmes designed to protect and improve the quality of life of our employees.

METKA’s Management commitment as expressed by the Health & Safety Policy at the workplaces, guarantees the achievement of these goals.

METKA implements a continuously enhanced Health & Safety Management System, in accordance with the International Standard OHSAS 18001, which  has been certified since 2005. Key elements of this system are the:

  • Strict compliance with the requirements of the laws and with the applicable standards and internal guidelines.
  • Continuous identification and assessment of hazards and adoption of the necessary measures to address them.
  • Permanent presence of specialised personnel for managing Health & Safety issues and for providing First Aid medical services (personnel & equipment), in all company’s workplaces.
  • Cooperation with the Occupational Physician, to ensure the physical and mental health of personnel.
  • Improvement of qualification levels by means of regular information updates and training and awareness-raising activities addressed to Company personnel of all levels, to ensure provision of a Safe and Modern work environment.
  • Open and transparent communication regarding all Health & Safety issues.

The Health & Safety Management System and our all efforts in general, are regularly evaluated through internal audits and inspections as well as through external audits carried out by recognised independent third parties, so to ensure the continuous improvement of the health and safety of employees, associates and visitors to the company’s workplaces.



View the Sustainable Development Report 2017 of our Group online or download the pdf file.



Providing ongoing training and development opportunities to our employees constitutes a fundamental commitment for METKA.

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