The key objective in METKA and its subsidiaries is to create and maintain a safe and modern work environment, that helps achieve the “ZERO ACCIDENTS & ZERO OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES” target. The implementation of management practices aiming to identify, recognise and eliminate parameters and conditions which may lead to undesirable incidents, alongside with the systematic and continuous efforts to foster and promote a Health & Safety culture that encourages all personnel to act responsibly for their own personal safety and the safety of those around them, is a long-standing commitment of our daily operations.

The EPC Business Unit (METKA) of Mytilineos SA is committed to implement all measures necessary for the continuous improvement of its health and safety performance and work place conditions, in order to protect the lives and health of employees, as well as suppliers, subcontractors, clients and visitors to the Company’s facilities and worksites, as defined in the appropriate provisions of Greek and European legislation.

The Company’s health and safety policy is based upon the following:

  • The assessment of hazards and implementation of appropriate control measures.

  • The preparation of plans for preventive actions and improvement of working conditions.

  • Maintenance and monitoring to ensure the safe operation of protective equipment and facilities.

  • Compliance with legal requirements, standards and internal regulations.

  • Open and transparent communication together with continuous and appropriate training on all health and safety issues.

  • Systematic audit of processes, organization and procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and achievement of goals.

The ultimate goal of the EPC Business Unit (METKA) is to perform all works on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards without any accident or event which could be harmful to human health. Health and safety is the responsibility of all those who are involved in the Company’s activities and depends foremost upon ourselves.

The strategy of the EPC Business Unit (METKA) for the reduction of health and safety risks in its activities is based on the prevention of hazardous situations, the detection and immediate elimination of dangerous conditions when they occur, the prevention of undesirable incidents whilst a dangerous condition exists, and the limitation of losses caused by undesirable incidents.

The policy and objectives of the EPC Business Unit (METKA) for the health and safety of workers shall be applied by all employees at all levels of the Company.

Recognizing the various risks which exist in our places of work, we shall all contribute to the improvement of the performance of the Management System for Health and Safety at work.



View our Sustainable Development Report 2017 online or download the pdf file.



Providing ongoing training and development opportunities to our employees constitutes a fundamental commitment for METKA.

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