Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility consists of a set of initiatives that seek to achieve the best possible integration of the social and environmental impacts of our business activities in our internal as well as in our external environment.

In particular:

  • The establishment of a governance system and the definition of the relevant CSR structures allow us to address CSR-related matters in a flexible manner and in accordance with our CSR strategy, ensuring commitment and work towards the desired results.

  • Seeking to highlight the nature and importance of the problems, as well as of the challenges or opportunities related to CSR, regarding the specific characteristics of our business activities, we carry out Mapping projects of the key issues concerning responsible entrepreneurship.

  • The procedure for the annual setting of quantitative and qualitative CSR targets and the corresponding reports on the progress made towards their achievement allow us to have a clearer understanding of the correlation between actually applied practices and their results, leading either to appropriate corrective actions or to the adoption of new, more effective practices.

  • Our key aspiration is to sustain the ongoing dialogue with our key Stakeholder groups, so that they perceive us as a responsible business partner, which seeks to ensure the continuous improvement of its operations and to strengthen the positive impacts of its activities.

  • Finally, acknowledging that corporate responsibility and the progress towards Sustainable Development are a collective responsibility that requires the convergence and collaboration of all the parties involved (State, businesses, society and people), we consider that the development of synergies with organisations which will help us advance our thinking and creativity and improve our knowledge is most significant.



ΜΕΤΚΑ is committed to the principle of sustainable development, creating value for customers, business partners and shareholders.

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