Our continuous efforts to apply Responsible Entrepreneurship in practice, rely on our collaboration with our Stakeholder groups, in order to jointly work out and promote solutions to issues of mutual concern. In this context, transparency in communication and open dialogue are key to fostering mutual trust and collaboration with all our Stakeholder groups – employees, local communities, clients, suppliers, shareholders, the Press & Media, business partners, public bodies and voluntary organisations.

In 2010, in an effort to strengthen even more the collaboration and engagement of our Stakeholders, we organised for the first time a dedicated Dialogue Forum. This initiative has been carried out consistently every year and is subject to self-evaluation and self-improvement procedures.

By adopting these procedures, we aim to establish specific internal processes that will allow us to assess the proposals and recommendations put forward by our Stakeholders, as well as to incorporate them in the formulation of our annual CSR strategic directions. These processes will also allow us to consolidate the application of the precautionary principle regarding economic, environmental and social issues, thus ensuring our sustainable development.

METKA’s latest Dialogue Forum was organised on 15 January 2015 at the company’s plant in Volos. The response to the Forum was very positive, serving as recognition of the efforts that the company and the Group made in order to hold this year's Forum locally. The views presented were very effective in terms of the issues raised, while and the comments made by the participants focused primarily on issues relating to the company’s business growth.



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