• Panagiotis Gardelinos General Manager Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit (METKA)
  • George Ikonomu Deputy General Manager & Manufacturing Plants Director
  • Vangelis Kamaris Business Administration & International Operations Director
  • Kostas Horinos Director Power, LNG/Gas, Industrial, T&D
  • Antonios Papantoniou Director of Infrastructure Projects
  • Christos Pantzikas Technical Director
  • Kostas Migiakis QA/QC & HSE Director
  • Ekaterini Donta Logistics and Factory Raw Materials Director
  • Emma Benai Projects' Purchasing Director
  • Dimitrios Zagalikis Proposals, Costing & Project Control Director
  • Margarita Arif Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Director
  • Nikolaos Theodoridis Power Director
  • Nikolaos Lytras Regional Director Europe
  • Dimitriοs Triantafyllopoulos Director of New Energy Solutions
  • Babis Sideris Director of Environmental Solutions
  • George Mitsiou Regional Director Africa
  • Marianna Gavriel West Africa Director
  • George Sayannos Regional Director Libya 
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