Inspired and motivated by our Greek heritage, we lead our business to global success.


To operate in challenging local and international markets, showing resourcefulness, efficiency and respect for the environment and for society. To rely on the potential of our people and to create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the Greek economy.



Effectiveness with Safety as a priority

We remain steadfast to the attainment of our targets, always safeguarding safety at work.

Ceaseless effort for Competitiveness by our People

Our effort to be competitive continues unabated and is based on our people’s know-how, skills and devotion as well as the ongoing modernization - oriented investments.

Respect and important role for every Employee

We respect employees, help them develop their abilities, communicate with them, provide them with opportunities to gain experience and empower them in their role in all jobs across the organisation.

Two success factors: Teamwork and Excellence

With teamwork, we achieve results that initially seemed impossible. We acknowledge excellence at individual level and bring it into effective action.

Continuous improvement by all in everything we do

Continuous progress is an integral part of our role, along with the execution of our daily work. Every employee knows his/her job well, generate ideas to improve it and get recognition when such ideas are implemented.




ΜΕΤΚΑ is committed to the principle of sustainable development, creating value for customers, business partners and shareholders.

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