ANNOUNCEMENT - Change of business name

METKA S.A. informs investors that on 11/05/2016, the Annual General Meeting of the company’s Shareholders resolved, among others, to change the company’s business name to “METKA INDUSTRIAL-CONSTRUCTION S.A.”, with the distinctive title “METKA”.
By decision 60106/07.06.2016, the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism approved the amendment of the relevant article of the company's Articles of Association. The Stock Markets Steering Committee of Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange, in its session of 14/07/2016, was informed of the aforementioned decision.

Following the above, by decision of the company, as of 19 July 2016 the company’s business name in the Athens Exchange changes to “METKA INDUSTRIAL - CONSTRUCTION S.A.” with the distinctive title “METKA”.
For more information, Shareholders may contact the company's Shareholder and Corporate Announcements Department (tel. +302106877436, Mr. Kois).
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