MYTILINEOS and THE TIPPING POINT organization, join forces to help young people make the right decisions for their future

Athens, Greece – 14 November 2019 - The answer to the children's anxious questions, "What do I want to do in five years from now, and how will I do it?", is now given by the new partnership of MYTILINEOS, in the framework of its CSR initiatives, with The Tipping Point organization.

MYTILINEOS launches its collaboration with The Tipping Point by supporting the implementation of the experiential education program of the same name in 15 schools around Greece, for the 2019-2020 school year. This innovative program provides school students with the opportunity to learn more about the studies or profession they wish to pursue, so that they are suitably prepared for the important academic and professional decisions that they will be required to make.

The program is implemented exclusively with the use of new technologies, in a structured and friendly environment. Through live mentoring (sessions), students of all geographical, economic and social backgrounds can "meet" successful professionals and receive answers to questions about their future. From mushroom and therapeutic plant growers to NASA engineers, the participants can engage with a wide range of professions, gain new knowledge and experiences and broaden their horizons. The sessions are organized at classroom level and last for 20 to 30 minutes.

The students are at the program’s centre and establish their own discussion agenda with their mentors, thus increasing their active engagement in the educational process. In this way, the program manages to offer them the following:

1) a connection to the real world of work;

2) the tools to enable them to decide their own future;

3) information on professions they did not imagine existed.

The ultimate goal is to boost youth entrepreneurship at a local level, as well as to provide young people with comprehensive information, so that they will pursue

This initiative is of particular value to MYTILINEOS, as in addition to the company's strategic choice to invest in schools and young people, it is the first time that it succeeds to reach simultaneously mentors, educators who try to broaden their students’ horizons, and children from every corner of Greece, who are truly eager to learn and be inspired.

The collaboration of MYTILINEOS with “The Tipping Point” is implemented in the context of the strategic partnerships which the company develops with major social actors for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 4 and 17), helping create informed and aware young people who will consciously choose their academic path and their future career in decent jobs.

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