Energy upgrade in Volos Municipality street lights

Athens – 3 February 2020 - Given that 50% of a city's electricity consumption derives from the street lighting network, energy saving in the municipalities has turned into an imperative need, both regarding the rational use of resources, as well as the pushing forward of energy efficiency.

MYTILINEOS decisively contributes to the energy upgrading of public areas in the municipalities and undertakes the street lighting project in Volos Municipality in the context of a joint venture with its subsidiary ELEMKA.

During the project, the conventional street lights shall be replaced; the existing street lights, despite their short life cycle and erratic luminosity, are nevertheless highly energy consuming. The new framework to be used will adopt the most state-of-the-art solutions in the lighting technologies and will offer, besides a more regulated and high quality light, an improved visible luminous efficacy and a better ambiance in the urban environment; it will additionally save up to 55% of the electricity supply, reducing thus the cost and the Municipality’s energy footprint.

Such large scale municipal actions utilize innovative and environment-friendly technologies, improving the life of citizens, always in compliance with the EU Directives that render mandatory the replacement of polluting lamps with new technology lamps by 2020. 

The joint venture MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA was chosen by an electronic international tender declared by Volos Municipality, budgeted at 14,297,339.64€ plus VAT.

The scope of the contract covers the supply, installation and 12-year maintenance (not including the 12 months for installation) and in particular: 

  1. The installation of the new luminaires using new LED technology to improve and upgrade the municipality’s level of lighting, in the Municipal Communities of Volos and Nea Ionia. 
  2. The improvement of maintenance planning, by operating a ‘Telecontrol-Telemanagement and Energy control system’ (SLMS), in the System for Public Areas Lighting (Street Lighting). 
  3. The use of preventive maintenance systems through a PC (failure recording methodology, priority list, remedy planning and check, reporting and statistics monitoring).

Upon completion of the project, Volos Municipality will offer its citizens greater security and higher cost-effectiveness; during the maintenance period, the vast majority of interventions shall take place in an automated way, without affecting the municipality's daily life.

Following the System’s upgrading, the JV MYTILINEOS-ELEMKA guarantees that energy saving will be at least 54.30%; in addition, besides the electricity cost cutting, a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions shall be achieved, by 8,845.81 tons of CO2 per year.

The works starting date is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

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