MYTILINEOS delivered the New Double Railway Line of the "Kiato - Rododafni" section

Athens, Greece - 15 July 2020 –The grand opening of the New Double Railway of the "Kiato - Rododafni" section of ERGOSE took place on July 14th, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport; a project that MYTILINEOS completed successfully and on schedule.

The project is part of the modernization works of the railway axis "Athens - Corinth - Patras", which aims to improve Greek rail transport and the competitiveness of the railway in terms of other means of transport while supporting the economic development of the Peloponnese and the National Economy in general. It is connected to the railway line "Piraeus - Thessaloniki - Borders" and through this line to the European railway network.

The contract between ERGOSE SA and MYTILINEOS was signed on September 11, 2014. The project is approximately 71 km long and its objective consisted of the completion of the works between the Kiato Railway Station and the Rododafni Aigio Railway Station. MYTILINEOS undertook the construction of the railway infrastructure, the restoration of the side and vertical road network, the implementation of all track works, the construction of the electromechanical installations inside the six tunnels and their Service Buildings, and the installation of a new modern telecomanding  signaling system.

With the operation of the new line, travel time is reduced while the operation conditions of the railway and the reliability of the rail routes are improved. At the same time, it seeks to divert a significant proportion of road traffic to railways, with significant environmental benefits.

During the opening ceremony, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Mr. Costas Karamanlis praised the professionalism of MYTILINEOS and stressed that the company undertook and completed the project consistently and efficiently. In addition, the Minister made special reference to the financial contribution of the European Union. Most of the costs have been covered by Community funds, initially from the Cohesion Fund and then, in the even more crucial period for its construction, from the NSRF.

The General Manager of the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit of MYTILINEOS Mr. Panagiotis Gardelinos, speaking on behalf of the company, stressed that "we are proud to deliver a sustainable project, with a positive aspect for all" and added that "the rise of our national economy after the pandemic will come through the revival of major projects. "Modern big projects are also ambitious, but above all they are based on the principles of sustainable development."

MYTILINEOS, through the Sustainable Engineering Solutions Business Unit, (SES BU), is ranked in the highest category of builders' experience related to major private and public projects in Greece and abroad, with activities that include, among others, transport infrastructure, concessions and partnerships, certified buildings, environmentally friendly waste management solutions, hybrid and off-grid energy projects, energy upgrade projects, but also execution of innovative first-of-kind energy projects.

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