A key element of the MYTILINEOS business model is the value creation and distribution process. From the approach of markets, the development and maintenance of customer relationships, the supply of raw materials, the production, the promotion, the sale to the end of the products life cycle and the raising of funds, the company creates an significant value chain with a strong social and economic impact. Across all its Business Activity sectors, MYTILINEOS supports income, tax revenues and jobs and respectively the same applies for its suppliers and business partners in their own value chain. This way, a multiple positive impact is generated, beyond the company, affecting the national employment and the relevant economic business sectors. The following present the value produced by MYTILINEOS in terms of Integrated Performance Indicators (KPIs), Social Product and Socio-Economic Impact.

It’s a specific designed online application that combines the company’s key financial and non-financial outcomes and outputs resulting from the use of the financial, industrial, human, natural and social capitals in the context of its business activity. Moreover, the trade-offs between them are considered, defining how the company’s generated value, through its activities and outputs, is increased, decreased or remain unchanged annualy.

In 2019, MYTILINEOS created and distributed Social Product worth € 1,220.4 m. to its key Stakeholder groups. This way, a multiple positive footprint is generated, beyond the Company, affecting domestic employment and relevant sectors of economy.

    • Social Product Analysis

Economic value distributed:



In taxes to state authorities:

€71.2 m

€84.7 m

To domestic suppliers:

€843 m

€777.5 m

To capital providers:

€76.7 m


In investments for future development:


€127 m

In employees' wages and benefits:

€81.2 m

€93.7 m

In environmental investments:

€17.3 m

€61 m

In social investments:

 €2.3 m

€3.4 m

MYTILINEOS, wish to inform all its Stakeholders, about the value it creates not only for itself but also for its entire value chain for the last thirty years. For this reason, the Company cooperates with the Department of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of EY, to conduct socioeconomic impact studies of its activity in Greece. The results of the studies confirm, once again, the responsible attitude and the wider contribution of MYTILINEOS in Greece, reflecting the added value it creates in the national economy and employment contributing at the same time to the UN Sustainable Development Goals attainment.

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