According to our Mission statement:“To operate in challenging local and international markets, showing resourcefulness, efficiency and respect for the environment and for society. To rely on the potential of our people and to create value for our customers, our shareholders, our employees and the Greek economy.”

Sustainable Development is a top priority for MYTILINEOS. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MYTILINEOS expresses its continuous commitment to Sustainable Development. CSR is a multi-faceted and complex corporate practice, mainly characterized by the company’s conscious self-commitment to responsible entrepreneurship and continuous improvement. Also, it is directly related to the company’s business operations, as it defines the way it chooses to make progress, taking solid steps, towards Sustainable Development, based on its mission and values. 

CSR is an ongoing self-improvement and incessant learning process aimed at increasing MYTILINEOS’s positive impact on the greater society while also serving as a key mechanism for renewing its “social” license to operate, improving its competitiveness at national and international level.



METKA est attachée au principe du développement durable qui créent des valeurs pour les clients, les partenaires commerciaux et les actionnaires.

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