Reimbursement of dividend tax deduction for Financial Year 2015 due to change in the legislation (version anglaise)

Further to its announcement of 11/5/2016 regarding the payment of dividend, METKA INDUSTRIAL – CONSTRUCTION S.A. (METKA) informs the investing public that due to the amendment of par. 11 of article 112 of Law 4387/2016, whose provisions were in force at the date of payment of the dividend by the Company (Government Gazette issue A 85/12.05.2015), by par. 4 of article 44 of Law 4389/2016 (Government Gazette issue A 94/27.05.2016) and Circular No. (POL) 1068/1.6.2016, the dividend tax deduction, where applicable, for dividends distributed in the current year 2016, was finally set to 10% instead of 15%.
Given the above, the Company announces the payment to the beneficiaries of the Company’s dividend, of an additional amount of Euro 0.006 per share, which corresponds to 5%, due to the difference in the tax deduction from 15% to 10% of the gross dividend amount of Euro 0.12, which had been approved by the Annual General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders on 11 May 2016.  
Payment to the beneficiaries of the amount resulting from the difference in the tax deduction shall commence on 15 June 2016.
Payment of the said amount shall be effected in accordance with the procedure stipulated in article 5.5 of the ATHEX Regulation and the specific provisions of the DSS Regulation, as follows:
(a) Through the operators – that is, the trading companies selected by the shareholders themselves and authorised to collect the dividend before 16.05.2016. On 15 June 2016 METKA S.A. shall credit the operators' accounts, which in turn shall pay the relevant amounts to the beneficiaries.
(b) Directly by Piraeus Bank, either by crediting the bank account declared by the shareholder or by cheque, in case the investors concerned:
  • Have not authorised their operators before the record date of 16.05.2015.
  • Have revoked, before the record date of 16.05.2016, by a relevant application submitted to HELEX, the authorisation granted to their operators to collect the dividend.
  • Hold shares kept in the Special Account of their investor record in the DSS, the paying bank shall be Piraeus Bank.
  • In the event that their bank accounts cannot be credited for any reason, beneficiaries may collect their dividends from Piraeus Bank from 15 June 2016.
It should be noted that METKA S.A. does not possess own shares.
For additional clarifications or information, please contact the Company’s Shareholders Department at:
  1. : 210-6877317
Fax: 210-6877400
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