Announcement for the amendment of the company name (version anglaise)

METAL CONSTRUCTIONS OF GREECE (METKA) S.A announcesthatthe Annual RegularGeneralMeetingheldon 11 May 2016 resolved the amendment of the company name as follows “METKAI NDUSTRIAL – CONSTRUCTION S.A.” and the distinctive title "METKA” with a corresponding amendment to article 1 of its Articles of Association as follows  

“Article 1
A Société Anonyme company under the business name "ΜΕΤΚΑ ΒΙΟΜΗΧΑΝΙΚΗ - ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΤΙΚΗ Α.Ε.” (“METKA INDUSTRIAL - CONSTRUCTION S.A.”) and the distinctive title "METKA” is established. For its relations abroad, the company may use the aforementioned business name and distinctive title in exact translation.”
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