2 3 Outdoor power systems: • All from one Manufacturer: 100% integration of rectifiers, solar charge controllers, inverters, DC-DC converters, MCU, sensors, A/C etc. • Unique IPS software for manual and automatic battery capacity test : increase battery life • Solar ready: fast upgrade with solar system. MPPT solar charge con- trollers under the same MCU, monitoring and control • IPS OPEX controller: unique IPS software for fuel save and diesel generator running hours reduction • Maintenance-free air conditioning unit (A/C): zero OPEX • Complete hybrid outdoor power system design: cost savings, zero OPEX, space savings, integrated cooling system • Customized design: maximum customer’s requirement satisfaction • NATO AQAP quality standard: robust and reliable design, long life in harsh conditions Hybrid Off-Grid Power System EXERON DC load 1.5 kW, PV 6 kWp, DG 18 kVA Total OPEX savings ~86% Outdoor Cabinet COOLRACK, double walls, A/C, 19” free space for clients equipment Key advantages of our Telecom products