METKA GROUP | ANNUAL REPORT 2014 - page 12-13

In 2014, METKA confirmed its strategic
objective to explore opportunities in the
domesticmarket, focusingon infrastructure
projects. A significant step in this direction
was the official award for the construction
project of the Kiato-Rododafni highspeed
railway line for ERGOSE, which will connect
Athens to Patra, the third largest economic
centre of the country.
METKA is internationally recognized
as a reliable partner for the industrial
co-production of specialized defence
the production of air defence systems
PATRIOT PAC-3 for Raytheon Company,
and completed the manufacturing and
delivery of 42 semi-trailers and 39 launcher
mechanics, as well as of defined metal
structures for 62 LEOPARD battle tanks
for the Middle East market.
Annual Repor t 2014
Highlights of 2014
Signed a contract for an important infrastructure project
for the construction of a high speed railway line in
Successfully completed 8 mobile gas turbine units,
installed in 3 different sites in Algeria.
Signed a new contract for the addition of heavy fuel oil
operational capability at the Shat al Basra site in southern
Completed the production and delivery of 42 PATRIOT
semi-trailers and 39 launcher mechanics.
METKA is currently active in two gas-fired open cycle
power plants in Algeria, for a total output of approx. 1GW
at site conditions, at the final construction stage of the
143 MW combined cycle in Jordan, as well as in other
important projects in the Middle East (Syria & Iraq). In
2014, METKA successfully completed 8 mobile gas
turbine units, with a total output of 179,72 MW at site
conditions, installed in 3 different sites in Algeria.
Group turnover
609 million
Net profits
90 million
Contracted backlog
1,3 billion
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