METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - page 10

Activity Sectors
In addition, through the establishment of the new af-
filiate METKA EGN, METKA further strengthens the
company’s portfolio of activities and dynamically po-
sitions itself on the rapidly growing solar and hybrid
power market.
METKA’s impressive track record in this sector in-
cludes high value-added construction works for civil
infrastructure and industrial projects.
The company’s solid financial position, along with
strategic partnerships with key international players,
enable METKA to pursue its development strategy
and expand further its business activities within the
infrastructure sector.
The company has gained the capability and capac-
ity to undertake large-scale complex infrastructure
projects, including railways, private concessions, and
environmentally friendly waste management solu-
tions, among others.
Furthermore, METKA is also classified in the highest
category of construction contractors for major pub-
lic works projects in Greece (including Electrome-
chanical, Industrial, Energy, Civil Engineering, Road
Construction, Marine Works, etc.)
The company is currently executing the railway pro-
ject Kiato-Rododafni, which is the extension of the
METKA undertakes large-scale power generation
projects, providing the complete range of Engineer-
ing, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services
which are needed to successfully deliver turn-key
projects to its customers.
METKA also operates facilities with state-of-the-art
machinery and equipment, having strong know-
how on manufacturing mechanical equipment and
complex steel fabrications.
In the Energy sector, METKA is a leading internation-
al EPC contractor of turn-key high efficiency power
The company has significant experience in gas tur-
bine based power generation, including combined
cycle, co-generation and simple cycle technology.
METKA has the resources, experience and the nec-
essary flexibility to meet customer’s needs effec-
tively and to actively support the development of
energy infrastructure in markets with growing en-
ergy demands.
In the power generation field, METKA has extensive
references and a strong record of successfully de-
livering major plant projects, including fast-track ex-
ecution, bringing critically needed power to growing
positions itself
on the rapidly
growing solar
and hybrid
power market
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