METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - page 11

Annual Report 2016
METKA’s industrial facilities have experience of half a
century in industrial manufacturing, producing com-
plex, high value-added equipment and components.
METKA employs more than 300 persons at its three
main manufacturing operations in Central Greece
and the group’s manufacturing facilities occupy a
total area of over 19 hectares.
Due to the operational flexibility, state-of-the-art
equipment and ability to manage large-scale manu-
facturing activities, METKA’s main manufacturing
plant in Volos, Central Greece, is one of the leading
facilities of its kind in Europe. Moreover, in 2016 the
company made a substantial investment in heavy-
duty mechanical equipment for the main manufac-
turing plant in Volos, for an amount over €6 million.
Furthermore, in the effort to achieve cost com-
petitiveness of emerging renewable technologies,
METKA has installed 2 photovoltaic (PV) plants at its
manufacturing plants with 3.5 MW total capacity.
Athens-Korinthos-Patras New Double High-Speed
Railway Line, connecting the Greek capital to Patras,
the third largest economic centre of the country.
As a result of significant investment in state-of-the-
art manufacturing technology, and continuous de-
velopment of the company’s specialized personnel,
METKA carries out cutting edge manufacturing
work, in line with the most demanding standards of
the defence industry.
Within this field, the company carries out co-produc-
tion and manufacturing sub-contracts with leading
international defence equipment suppliers and has
particular experience in the areas of land defence
systems, as well as submarines.
Currently, the core manufacturing activities of
the company concern PATRIOT semi-trailers and
launcher platforms, as well as LEOPARD Battle Tank
hulls & turrets.
METKA’s main
plant in Central
Greece is one
of the leading
facilities of its
kind in Europe
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