METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - page 12

Leader in Project Execution
On-time and on-budget
METKA’s track record in successfully delivering pro-
jects on-time and on-budget has enabled its sus-
tained, profitable growth over the last decades. Due
to its remarkable financial strength and stability, the
company has the ability to pursue its development
strategy and expand its business activities into im-
portant new markets.
Excellent project management skills, combined with a wide range of functional expertise in areas such as
design engineering, technical procurement, logistics, site construction, quality management, and plant com-
missioning, enable METKA to consistently deliver complex and demanding projects to the highest techno-
logical standards.
Our team is our power
The key to METKA’s competitiveness are its employ-
ees, characterized by their professionalism, high
technical qualifications, integrity and strong sense
of collaboration. The company has the full range of
technical resources and the required experience to
undertake the most complex and demanding pro-
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