METKA ANNUAL REPORT 2016 - page 16

Sustainability Platform
Corporate Social Responsibility
METKA is committed to the principle of sustainable
development and its business practices are entirely
connected with the concept of Corporate Social Re-
The continuing efforts of the group in this area are
demonstrated through the contribution to the eco-
nomic development of the local communities wher-
ever it operates, by providing a modern and safe
work place for employees, and through our commit-
ment to protect the environment.
Support of Local Communities
METKA is a responsible citizen, supporting the re-
gions where it operates, while in several cases it
offers support to local communities bordering the
worksites of the projects it undertakes.
The company not only contributes to the develop-
ment of local communities, but also consciously and
actively supports social, cultural and athletic activi-
ties and initiatives that create added value to their
lives, aiming to promote their balanced and multi-
faceted development.
€16,7 million
Total taxes to the Greek state.
Support of 9
Business initiatives and conferences
Percentage of workers from local
Percentage of response to requests
of Social Partners
€239,4 thousand
Social expenditure
€91,6 million
Expenditure on Greek suppliers
is receptive
to local needs
and undertakes
initiatives that
the social,
and athletic
aspects of its
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