million in projects for waste treatment
and discharge, the treatment of emissions
and the installation of “greener” tech-
nologies, we established for the second
year in a row the Group’s Social and Envi-
ronmental Footprint, made possible by
the participation of all our subsidiaries. In
addition, last year METKA S.A. aligned its
operations with the requirements of the
ISO 14064 environmental standard, in
order to identify the CO
sources associ-
ated with its activities and to fully con-
trol the related emissions.
In the domain of social contribution,
2013 marked the first year of the pro-
gramme “The Future in Schools”, imple-
mented by MYTILINEOS Group through
ALUMINIUM S.A. Under this programme,
brand-new PCs were donated to cover rel-
evant needs in fifteen schools of the local
communities where the company’s activi-
ties are based.
Faithful to its commitment to operate
with transparency and responsibility in all
its business activity areas, in 2013
MYTILINEOS Group continued to apply
international principles and practices of
Corporate Governance, always seeking to
safeguard the interests of its subsidiaries
and to maximise the benefits to share-
holders and investors. In line with the
above, for the first time in 2013 all Group
subsidiaries applied a self-assessment sys-
tem regarding their performance in human
rights protection and anti-corruption, also
developing and adopting the Code of
Conduct for Suppliers and Business Part-
ners which applies across the entire Group.
The year 2014 marks the sixth anniversary
of the signature by MYTILINEOS Group
of the UN Global Compact – the largest
global corporate responsibility initiative.
In the context of its participation in the
Compact, MYTILINEOS Group has under-
taken to align its operations and strategy
with ten universally accepted principles in
the areas of human rights, labour, envi-
ronment and anti-corruption. All the prin-
ciples identified in the Compact are
reflected in the Group’s values and stan-
dards and form part of our overall ap-
proach to sustainable development. These
are precisely the principles that we will
continue to promote in the future, af-
firming and strengthening our commit-
ment to transparency and outstanding
This year’s Sustainability Report is a start-
ing point for our continuous evolution
and improvement, as its completion
leaves us even more aware of our new
targets. At the same time, its develop-
ment marks a turning point of sorts for us
all, a process which has made us wiser,
leaving us proud of what we achieve. Be-
cause the information contained in the
Report makes up what we really are: a
company that is planning on a long-term
horizon and takes care to ensure that its
initiatives create shared value – for itself
and for the society where it operates and
Evangelos G. Mytilineos
Chairman of the Board & CEO
MYTILINEOS Group of Companies
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