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the environment, by upgrading the alumina production plant,
anticipating greater flexibility in the production process and a
reduction in energy consumption and in carbon dioxide emissions
by 25%.
We also expanded our participation in international sustainable
development indicators, by participating for the first time, on a
voluntary basis, in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) global
initiative, where our performance in the management of water
resources received the second-best global ranking, “LEVEL B”.
We remain strongly focused on Corporate Governance issues, to
which the Group’s corporate transformation currently in progress
also gives priority, in line with the international best practices
and the standards of multinational companies, ensuring a
flexible and streamlined organisational structure, the improved
dissemination of the know-how currently available in Group’s
individual companies, and sustainable development.
With regard to ethical practices and transparency, we are proud
of the 2nd revised edition of the “Code of Business Conduct” of
MYTILINEOS Group. True to the principle of accountability, we
developed the “Integrated Value Creation Scorecard” tool, which
presents the total value that we create, depending on each
category of resources that we use in our activities, as well as
how this value changes on an annual basis. With this initiative,
we provide all our Stakeholders with targeted information of
a high quality, in view of the new provisions introduced by the
new legislative framework for Corporate Social Responsibility in
Our initiatives to address issues of interest to our local
communities are also noteworthy. In 2016, we made available
more than €1.4 million, an amount increased by 28% compared to
2015, to donations and sponsorships, as well as for supporting the
implementation of social programmes to mitigate food insecurity
and poverty as well as youth unemployment, to support quality in
education and to promote entrepreneurship, culture and sports.
Highly sensitised to the increasing youth unemployment, we
continued for the second year the implementation of our social
programme “ENGINEERS IN ACTION” and, in parallel, we
launched the “NEW GENERATION IN ACTION” programme,
which is addressed to young graduates from various scientific
disciplines. Moreover, we supported the initiatives of the Hellenic
Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, by participating in
special working groups for the promotion of the European Pact
4 Youth, contributing to the dialogue and cooperation in order to
enhance employability and social inclusion for young people.
Finally, we are particularly pleased to have successfully
completed the first year of our partnership with the Association
“TOGETHER FOR CHILDREN”, in the ambitious social programme
“I’M IN!”, designed to combat school drop-out, which we are
continuing for the second year in an enhanced format.
In 2017, we continue, more intensively and with increased
momentum, through our new organisational structure, our
development as a leading and socially responsible pillar of
the Greek economy, creating high added value for all our
Stakeholders. In entering this new, historic phase, we are
well aware of the many challenges before us. Yet we have
demonstrated that we can rise to the challenges and overcome
difficulties, always keeping a strong focus on the company and
on our people, in constant dialogue with our business partners
and with the society, so that together, all of us can evolve further.
In this new, challenging environment, Corporate Social
Responsibility takes on increased significance and relevance, as
MYTILINEOS Group is now able to clearly identify the prospects
and opportunities that each challenge presents and take
advantage of them for the benefit of all. Adopting this approach
and leveraging the efficiencies of its new organisational structure,
the Group will continue to lead developments, true to its history
and to the principles that have helped him achieve its current
leading position and always ready to achieve even more.
Evangelos G. mytilineos
Chairman of the Board & CEO
MYTILINEOS Group of Companies
Taxes to national
or a society that is working with all its strength to build a
future that will offer positive prospects, in conditions of
prolonged crisis and uncertainty, the concept of continuous
Responsible Business Development becomes more necessary
and relevant than ever.
During a year that was once again difficult for Greece, all of us in
MYTILINEOS Group managed to remain on a path of consistently
strong growth and to continue to contribute to the efforts for
the recovery of the country’s economy. In moving forward on
this path, we are fully aware of our responsibility as an active
corporate citizen and we are firmly committed to returning, in
terms of sustainability, added value to the society within which
we operate.
In 2016, MYTILINEOS Group was further strengthened in all its
business activity sectors. It expanded significantly its presence
in the domestic electricity market, secured the position of
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE as one of the most competitive
aluminium producers globally and succeeded in opening up
new markets for its EPC Projects Sector. In parallel, with the
launch of our corporate transformation, we turned a year full of
challenges into a milestone year for the Group, creating one of the
largest business groups in Greece and laying the foundations for
claiming our position as one of the leading players in the global
To this end, we all worked and continue to work intensively to
ensure that the transformation will be completed in the shortest
possible time, putting in place a flexible organisational structure
that will result in business synergies in both operational and
financial terms and will mark our transition to a new era by
creating substantial added value for our shareholders and our
employees, but also for the Greek society itself.
The decision for our transition to this new era to be driven by our
corporate transformation is not only an obvious extension of our
evolution so far but it also expresses our awareness of our role as a
key economic and social contribution actor.
For us, this evolution goes hand-in-hand with consistency
in corporate responsibility. As a large Group that follows
developments closely and is continuously evolving, always at the
leading edge of economic and social developments, we are fully
aware of the consistency that our leading role in the Corporate
Social Responsibility domain requires of us. This consistency is
not just one of many corporate dictates, but instead represents an
inherent element that is integral towhowe are and howwe conduct
business. The moral principles and the values that guarantee our
Responsible Business Development lie at the very core of our
business activity, as well as of the Group’s management model.
In this context, taking steady steps and guided by our vision for
the future, we continued to promote this responsibility through
a range of diverse activities, reinforcing further the unbroken
alliance of MYTILINEOS Group with Society, with is Employees
and with the Environment.
The target of zero accidents in our work areas remains at the
very top of our priorities. In this respect, we place emphasis on
the systematic development of a culture of training and accident
prevention. In 2016, we maintained Injury Rate values at low
levels, while our performance in this area was affirmed by the
two top distinctions that ALUMINIUM OF GREECE received in the
“HEALTH AND SAFETY AWARDS”, of which we are particularly
We also attach the utmost significance and give the highest
priority to the protection of the natural environment, consciously
leveraging our size and potential to protect it. In 2016 alone, our
expenditure for the overall stabilisation of our environmental
footprint stood at €28.9 million. In parallel, we continued to
carry out business investments with a direct positive impact on
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