Simple Cycle Power Plants
For peaking duty or fast-track project
execution, gas turbine based simple
cycle plants are an ideal solution. Both
industrial and aeroderivative type gas
turbines are widely applied, with the
latest generation aeroderivative gas
turbines offering efficiencies above 40%.
Where appropriate, METKA designs
simple cycle plants to facilitate future
conversion to combined cycle.
METKA has successfully carried out
several projects to provide fast-track
simple cycle power generation capacity,
with particular experience with aero-
derivative type gas turbines.
For combined heat and power (CHP) applications, such as industrial steam
production and district heating, combined cycle plants can provide very high overall
efficiency, and large environmental benefits. Co-generation applications are typically
more complex in operation than standard combined cycle plants, due to the
requirement to support multiple operating modes, such as large variations in
process steam requirements, or changing seasonal heating demand. Strong plant
integration and thermal cycle design skills are essential to ensure the co-generation
plant can reliably support all required operational needs.
METKA has successfully completed a major co-generation plant project for
Aluminium of Greece, the largest co-generation plant of its kind in Europe. The
plant produces electricity for the network and a highly reliable steam supply to the
adjacent alumina production plant.
The 320
Aluminium of Greece
co-generation plant.
The plant delivers
power to the network
and process steam
to the alumina plant,
which can be seen
in the background.
Samra 146
simple cycle project
completed in 8 months
on fast-track basis
in Zarqa, Jordan
Mobile Gas Turbine
Power Plants
Flexible to meet customers’ needs,
mobile gas turbine power units typically
have a unit size of 20-25
, with com-
plete plants being scalable up to several
METKA has developed a fast-track ap-
proach with complete, trailer mounted
balance of plant. All packages are delive-
red in a completely assembled and pre-
commissioned form. This solution in par-
ticular requires little or no site prepara-
tion, and can provide power to the grid
in only a few months.
Mobile gas turbine power
generating sets installed
in Ghana
1,2-3,4-5,6-7,8-9 12-13,14-15,16-17,18-19,20
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